Hello World

Woke up with a new sense of determination this morning! I’ve been working on creating my very first blog, so instead of sitting back & saying “I’m going to do it,” I didn’t hesitate & just did it! I have to say, I owe this sudden spark of motivation to my amazing hike yesterday & my accomplishment of finishing The Passion Test by Janet & Chris Atwood, which I started reading about a month ago when I traveled to Jamaica.

I have such a connection with nature, that it always brings about a feeling that I can’t explain. Hiking alongside my friend Lisa, I felt alive, calm, passionate, determined, but above all…I felt purely happy! When I finished reading The Passion Test…{In my defense, it took me so long to read it because it’s a book that requires action & for you to really dig deep down inside yourself to determine what your passions in life are & to live your life in favor of those passions. Essentially live a happy life. I highly recommend the book to everyone of all ages}…perseverance took over me & I chose not to procrastinate on something I really wanted to do!

So here it is, the Dreamery! I can’t wait to share the moments in my life that make me smile & hopefully inspire others to do the same. I’ll leave you with some pictures of my incredible hike!

9 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Just saw your pictures while scrolling through different categories and I wanted to let you know I love the pictures of the lake!
    Welcome and best of luck on your blogging(:
    cant wait for more posts


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