A Life Without Pressure

Who wouldn’t want a life without feeling pressured of the everyday tasks? Yes, I know we don’t live in a perfect world & there will always be something along our way that will hold us back from what we really want do to. But is there really anything wrong with waking up at your own pace, doing some “good morning” yoga stretches in the sunlight, making a fresh & healthy breakfast AND eating it outside? I don’t think so!

My trip to Jamaica wasn’t just a vacation, it was an experience that taught me to appreciate life & the little moments that can make our days better. For me it’s forgetting the daily grind that awaits me & sitting in my garden {even if it’s just for 2 minutes}. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 23 years old & there’s NO way that I just want to sit back & do nothing with my life. It’s the complete opposite! I see myself as passionate, determined, motivated & positive….& I have big dreams {BIG BIG dreams!!}

People get caught up with doing things that others require of them, rather than taking just a few moments to do things that will keep them sane. All I want is to be able to have the freedom to do all the things I love! I may not be living on the lake or overlooking the ocean, but for right now I have my little garden & that’s all I need to start my days on a beautiful note!


{good morning garden!}
{love garden roses}
{sweet smell of fresh lavender in the morning}
{hello Dahlia}
{there are no special effects with nature, it just glitters on it’s own}

{can’t forget the little guy who always puts me in a good mood}

&& if you still need the motivation to have a happy day, take a listen to one of my favorite songs Who Needs Shelter by Jason Mraz…the words speak for themselves