Waking Up Easy

Waking Up Easy

It’s Thursday morning, just one more day ’til the weekend {well, for most people}, but it’s probably one of the hardest days to get yourself out of bed. Over a chat with a friend about our daily routines, I mentioned that I don’t drink coffee or even green tea. She was in shock, being that she’s the kind that gets out of bed and heads straight to the coffee maker. That used to be me, but I completely cut out coffee from my daily regimen over a year ago because it just wasn’t making me feel good. Coffee is in a group of foods that can really upset certain people, so it’s really important to listen to your body after eating. If you don’t feel good, keep note of those foods because you might have a sensitivity to them.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not super woman, and sometimes there’s nothing getting me up or I simply crave a warm cup of coffee. But my body has become so intolerable to it that I can’t even manage half a cup. My secret…I make a pitcher of fresh lemon {or lime} water with mint from my garden, and sometimes add green tea bags to it. It’s the first thing I down when I get up {along with my vitamins}. I have to tell you, kicking my coffee addiction was NOT easy!! I found myself getting up 3o minutes earlier just to sit there and slowly get my body up. But if you’re determined you can do it. Plus, you don’t need it to get your body moving…you just think you do because you’ve grown so dependent to it, trust me!

Waking Up Easy

I mentioned it in my first post, but I can’t really wake up or have a good day unless I do my quick morning yoga stretches. They’re simple moves that I picked up from different routines along the way. I like to switch it up some days, so I don’t get bored! {A good tip: when I know I won’t be able to manage a workout during the day, I add in weights to simply tone my arms and core}. It may sound silly that 5 minutes of yoga can wake you up, but believe me, by the 3rd move you’ll be feeling more awake and less groggy. Really focus on the moves too, create a peaceful space even if it is just for those few moments. Light a candle, open a window, or listen to music…{I always put on Sun is Shining by Bob Marley <3}

Don’t think about the stress you have ahead of you either, instead choose how you want your day to be and stretch/meditate to that. Pick 2 empowering words to say to yourself as you breathe in and out. {If you need motivation to get you through your day, breathe in “motivation” and breathe out “perseverance”}. So, what are you waiting for..wake up and enjoy your day!

Here are a few moves to get you started:

  1. Arm Circles
  2. Standing Side Stretches
  3. Standing Spine Rotations {I add in Side to Side Twists}
  4. Sun Salutations
  5. Windmill Stretch/Dancer Pose/Tree Pose {I alternate between the three moves}
  6. Warrior or Downward Facing Dog
  7. Stand on toes into Chair Pose
Waking Up Easy

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