Happy Birthday Avo

Today is my Avô Lino’s birthday and he’s 81!! {Avô is grandfather in Portuguese} I’d give anything to be in Portugal right now with my entire family, eating a fresh and delicious dinner outside as the sun sets beyond the mountains, while singing “Happy Birthday” as he blows whatever flavor cake he wanted me to bake. My “Vô” {as I call him} is one the dearest people in my life, not only is he the only grandfather I’ve known, we share a special bond that no one else can relate to. I can sit with him for hours on end outside underneath the grape vines, while everyone else is taking their daily naps, talking about the olden days, gardening and taking care of the farm, and our love for figs! It’s this sort of unexplainable bond that we share that brings tears to our eyes as soon as we both get off the phone together. It saddens me knowing that we are all growing older and I don’t spend my entire summers there anymore, and that I can’t just drive to go see him, but I am so excited that I’ll be going to Portugal in October and spending 3 weeks in the beautiful place I like to call home. So…Parabens Avô Lino, and for the endless love of a grandfather and granddaughter. I’ll leave you with some pictures from my trip there last year.

{serra da estrella}

{juicy figs}



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