One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days where you just don’t wake up like yourself? As much as you try to shake it off everything and everyone just doesn’t seem to rub you quite the right way. Well, today was definitely one of those days. I was feeling ansy as soon as the day started; I just needed to do SOMETHING! I know what I needed to make me feel better and that was to make some dessert and be outdoors. I’m not fortunate, yet, to live in a location where I can just pick up go outside for a hike, go on the lake or walk down to the beach, which is probably why I was feeling this way. So, with the energy I had, made a sea salt caramel ice cream base {which I’ll be posting about tomorrow} then put a leash on Marley and drove to the nearest park I knew.

As soon as I got on the trail, I just felt at ease and myself again. I’m someone who is very connected with nature, and when I don’t have enough of it, my life just seems out of whack. Going up and down trails, unknowing of where I’d end up, underneath the sun, in absolute silence with only Marley trailing alongside me…I felt at home. I thought about nothing, letting those frustrated feelings drift away from me. For two hours, it was as if I was somewhere else, far from reality. As I headed home I remembered a quote I read once:

“When you’re faced with challenges, don’t dwell on them. Instead focus on the things you love in life. When you give attention to the good in your life, you will create more good.”

{decided to take a beaten trail which led us to a great view}

We all have our off days, but it’s how you deal with them that makes all the difference. It’s really important to know what makes you happy and makes you feel like “you”. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you feel good about yourself. So, I’ve been enjoying the rest of my night watching movies and indulging with a S’mores Afogato.


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