Mango Coconut Cream Individual Pies

Monday’s are often the most dreaded day of the week, dragging on until no ends but mine actually turned out to be jam-packed and fun. My morning began with me finishing off these Mango Coconut Cream mini pies that I was giving to a few of my mother’s co-workers. I got inspired for this recipe by Martha Stewart’s August issue of Living because the filling included cornmeal,which I’ve never seen in pie fillings and actually never worked with…so why not give it a shot. Plus, I LOVE fresh mango in the summer, it’s those few moments of indulging and imagining that you’re back on the sandy shores of a tropical location {I’m definitely missing Jamaica today!!} The filling surprisingly resembled the texture and consistency of pecan pie, but not as fattening or heavy. It wasn’t your typical pie filling, and that’s what I enjoyed so much about it!I then found myself in New York City traffic in the afternoon with a dear friend. We were attending The Wedding Salon bridal show at the Capitale. We had a special walk through for potential vendors, where we got to see a few of the best NYC weddings from florists, caterers, wedding dress salons, and honeymoon planners. It’s always fun attending these, especially if you’re a bridesmaid!! I found myself signing my newly engaged best friend up for every raffle drawing {hopefully she wins something!}We then finished off our evening with Mojitos in Chinatown and crossed over to Little Italy for an espresso and mini pastry, laughing and enjoying great conversations.

While walking the streets, my friend Mimi seeing men cleaning the sidewalk after closing their fish market, mentioned how insane it is that this city has millions and millions of people each waking up working hard, doing what they need to do to make a better life for themselves; hoping to make their dreams come alive. I’ve lived across the river from New York City, experiencing it many times all my life, and I can’t say I’m a big fan of the extreme fast pace, hustle and bustle, commotion, and overwhelming feeling that it gives me. But I have to give it to New Yorkers, they’ve got a heart full of determination, hard work and above all…ambition.

Yes, the constant change that makes New York City what it is excites many people, and even though it’s a great city, it’s not one meant for me. But no matter if you’re a fan or not, it always makes you realize other people’s lives and that even though we may be different, we’re all just trying to live out are lives attempting to make our dreams reality.

Mango Coconut Cream Pies

Ingredients {Makes 12 mini pies}

Pate Brisee for single crust {Recipe from Martha Stewart}

2/3 cup – Granulated Sugar

1/3 cup – Dark Brown Sugar

1/2 teaspoon – Salt

2 teaspoons – Fine Cornmeal

2 Large – Eggs + 1 Yolk

1/2 teaspoon – Pure Vanilla Extract

1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons – Unsalted Butter {melted}

1 1/4 cups – Unsweetened Coconut Flakes {toast before making anything else}

2 – Mangos {ripe and firm}

Recipe {Adapted from Martha Stewart Living}

To make the shells, refrigerate your pate brisee for at least an hour before working with it. Let stand for 5 minutes at room temperature before rolling, spray your cupcake tray with baking spray. Pre-heat oven to 375*F and roll out pate brisee a 1/4 inch thick on a lightly floured surface. Using round cutters, cut out rounds that fit your molds so the edge of the dough hits the edge of the pan. {Make sure your dough is even, you don’t want one side of your mini pie with a thicker crust} Prick the bottoms with a fork and freeze for about 30 minutes. Line each with cupcake liners and fill with pie weights {or dried beans}, bake until edges turn golden, about 20 minutes rotating halfway. Remove the weights, reduce oven to 325*F, baking for 15-20 minutes. {shells should be golden brown} Cool slightly.

To make the filling, mix the sugars, salt and cornmeal. Whisk in the eggs, yolk and vanilla until combined. Then add in the butter and coconut. Pour the filling into the shells, about 3/4 of the way up. {don’t fill them to the brim, the filling rises so it will make it harder to decorate the top with the mango..that’s what happened to me} Bake until the filling is set and lightly golden, about 20 minutes. Let them cool completely.

Peel and core your mangoes, and thinly slice them. Top each mini pie with the slices, arranging them in swirls or laid across, like I did {I wanted to make rosettes like these but since my filling rose to the top, I couldn’t do it} Brush the tops lightly with honey.


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