Papaya Tummy Soother Smoothie

Papaya Tummy Soother Smoothie

I can’t believe it’s the last day of July already!! I feel that summer has been flying by…actually I feel that time in general seems to be whizzing by too fast for anyone to even enjoy. I woke up this morning feeling as if I’ve been saying and wanting to do plenty of fun/new things this summer, and although I have gotten a lot on my list done, I think I can do more. I stepped outside to a beautiful morning. It wasn’t extremely sunny, but you could see the sun peaking behind a few clouds, drifting by while the wind brisked itself past trees and the flowers that had bloomed in my yard this past week.

I walked, feeling the grass between my toes, visiting all the plants, and choosing some fresh flowers to snip and bring inside. To me a house isn’t a home without fresh flowers, especially from your own garden. With a busy, but exciting week ahead of me, I am eager to start some new projects and finish some old ones. Summer is far from over in my book. August is just beginning and I know that it will bring about many memorable moments!

So you run for miles, do countless crunches, and Pilates your way to a lean middle but there are just days when you feel bloated because of water retention or foods you may be eating. It’s normal for everyone, so this smoothie is perfect for your flat belly goals . It contains the enzyme papain and potassium from the papaya and peaches, which calms the irritated digestive system, plus the added fiber tames while flattening any upset stomach. Fresh ginger and mint eases nausea, prevents flatulence while freshening your breath and the probiotics in the yogurt boost the good bacteria in your digestive system, lessening gas. So next time your not feeling your best, try this smoothie out!

Papaya Tummy Soother Smoothie

Papaya Tummy Soother Smoothie

Ingredients {Serves 1}

1 cup – Fresh Papaya {peeled, seeded & cubed}

1/2 cup – Fresh Peaches or Fresh Pear {peeled, seeded & cubed}

1 teaspoon – Ground Flax Seed

1 teaspoon – Fresh Ginger {peeled & sliced}

about 4 – Fresh Mint Leaves

2 tablespoons – Greek Yogurt

Water, to thin out, or Ice Cubes


Place all your ingredients in a blender, blending until smooth. Garnish with some more fresh mint. 

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