Friday Favorites: Rich Colors

{always have a good morning with him}

Happy Friday!

 I can’t believe it’s the weekend already, this whole time thing really needs to slow down a bit! My weekend will be just as busy, but I can’t wait to unwind with some friends and be creative. I’ve been quite inspired this past week with all the pops of color I’ve been seeing. I’m not excited for fall in the least bit, I’m a spring and summer girl through and through, but the season is all about rich colors. It’s all about pairing the neutrals with warm tones and pops of bold colors. Pantone always knows what they’re talking when it comes to colors. If fall could always look like this then maybe I’ll start liking the fact that the season is changing. Here are a few images that have inspired me this past week.

{I’m surprised i’m loving these colors, but they’re definitely catching my eye}
{breakfast: whole wheat waffle topped with cottage cheese, fresh blueberries and plums, and a drizzle of honey with almonds…yummm}
{new pants I just bought at a local boutique}
{drop earrings, especially in this bright pink with hints of mint}
{Lake Tahoe…at the top of places to visit}
{there’s a reason I love Rachel Zoe, a bit a spring for fall}
{edgy is not my look but I’m excited to try it out}
{Chardonnay Wine Brittle from Anette’s Chocolates, definitely going to make my own creation}
{must have loafers, studded and in mustard yellow}
{favorite color by far this season…i have a thing with green and lace}
{one of my favorite pins this week}

Hope you have a great weekend!


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