Radish & Mint Salad

Radish & Mint SaladWell, it’s Friday once again. This week seemed shorter than normal to me, maybe because I spent most of it in the kitchen and taking trips to visit friends. Between all of that it still seemed my days were pretty quiet and relaxed, even finding some great music that took me to the streets of Paris. And it’s always gratifying to see my desserts being enjoyed in someone’s life, this weekend’s adorable birthday girl loved her hello kitty cupcakes. Seeing people enjoy my creations like that always puts a smile on my face.

I ventured up to Lake George and was absolutely perfect! I went to the horse tracks for the first time, and even enjoyed my first Stewart’s ice cream milkshake. It was the perfect Sunday weather to wear my favorite chevron sundress, go on culinary adventures with friends {Hattie’s in Saratoga Springs is highly recommended!}, and watch people in their antique cars, as they drove off in the sunshine. Hopefully I’ll be back soon to enjoy the lake before the season turns.

Now, back to the recipe. I was looking through one of my favorite cookbooks and was instantly captivated by a photograph of a radish salad. They always say you eat with your eyes first, and my mouth was watering at this beautiful image. Radishes aren’t quite a popular vegetable, considering they can be bitter and most don’t know what to do with them, other than topping a salad. Guilty as charged! But having a bag of radishes just sitting in my refrigerator I decided to create my own version of this salad. The lemon sweetened the radishes, creating a crisp, fresh, and simple salad…just perfect for any summer day! Plus, nothing gets better than picking my own mint from the different varieties growing in my garden. This is definitely a refreshing salad bursting with flavor!

I’m looking forward to another great weekend, and I hope you do too!Radish & Mint Salad
Radish & Mint SaladRadish & Mint Salad

Radish & Mint Salad


6 to 7 – Radishes

Dash of Sea Salt + Fresh Ground Black Pepper

1 tablespoon – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Handful Chopped – Fresh Mint + Italian Parsley

Juice of a Lemon


Thinly slice your radishes. Place your radishes int0 a bowl, sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Season with the oil, lemon juice and herbs, and mix well. Serve immediately. 


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