Bedroom Inspiration: Adding Freshness

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m officially moving out west to Arizona in October! I’m excited to not only be traveling to start a new chapter in my life and experience many new things with my dear friend Katie, but I’ll have my own space again. I can’t wait to transform my room into a little haven and create a look that is completely fresh. Moving across the country can be quite expensive, so I’ll be bringing a limited amount with me, but I’m looking forward to going to thrift stores and finding great pieces I can DIY. I’ve always loved white rooms because they’re bright and make me feel like I’m outside. I want my room to be a relaxing retreat with a mixture of vintage, romantic, beachy, modern and eclectic touches. These images instantly grabbed my attention and made me feel happy. Can’t wait to start pulling it all together!

This Anthropologie duvet was the inspiration for my room. I choose the light grey shade because the walls in my new room are a standard white/ivory. I want my bed to be the focal point in the room, and the large flowers draw your eye instantly towards it. I have a vintage blue throw with crochet detailing that will be the perfect pop of color.

I want to feel pretty every morning waking up, so I want to use soft tones, fresh flowers, vintage pieces and sheer fabrics.

I love the idea of repurposing unique vintage finds as a bedside table.

I like the look of a large table on the other side of the bed. I have a piece that can be transformed into a stylish bed side book shelf.

 I want to bring a rustic feel for my headboard by using repurposed doors or creating my own wood headboard with my favorite basalt grey colored stain.

Although, I want an all white room, I’ll be adding some freshness with pops of neutral and bright tones. I love combining small hints of mints, bronzes/gold, coral, pinks and blues. These colors aren’t overpowering and add a fun energy to the room.

{Benjamin Moore Paints: Top; pampass grass, rose lace, hollingsworth green, cedar groove, robin’s nest Bottom: tangerine zing, honey gold, old claret, mexicali turquoise, ultramarine green}

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