Pistachio Tart with Peaches & Sabayon Cream

I’ve said it time after time, I’m a lover of pie.  It’s the flaky crust, the simplicity of using fresh fruit, organically adding tremendous sweetness and flavor after bubbling in the oven. The simpler the pie the more delicious it is. Of all, fresh fruit tarts are the most beautiful to me. A tart’s dough is more like a sugar cookie edged perfectly from the traditional fluted tart pan. Then filled with an endless option of light and airy creams, only to be topped by the season’s freshest fruits.

Recently, I’ve grown a tremendous infatuation for pistachios. I don’t know what it is about these lightly roasted bright green nuts. I crave them everyday, caving in to a handful during my mid-afternoon slump. They satisfy my sweet tooth in every way, without making me feel guilty. Pistachios are actually very healthy for you, just make sure you don’t eat more than the recommended serving of 1/4 cup. 

As for fruit, how could I not use summer’s juiciest peaches. Peaches have been one of my favorites ever since I was a little girl in Portugal climbing peach trees, snapping them off the branches, dusting off the dirt with the back of my hand and taking a huge bite under the hot summer sun. They’re sweet yet slightly tart, and with plenty around this time of year I knew they were going to be the star of this tart. With so many ripened plums too, I decided to finish the center of this tart with a rose made of thinly sliced italian plums.

That’s the thing about pies and tarts, variety is key and flavor combinations are limitless!

Now, for the filling. With the sweetness from the fruit and dough, you don’t want a cream that is overpowering. A couple months ago I stumbled upon the most beautiful images of mango and fresh fig pies with sabayon cream from Lemon Fire Brigade. I was captivated! I couldn’t stop looking at these photographs…food is a pure art. From creating unique recipes that layer flavor upon flavor, to presenting it in a way that makes people’s mouth water and evoke memories. I haven’t made sabayon cream since my culinary school days, but these photographs instantly convinced me that this was the final touch to my tart.Traditionally marsala wine is used, but seeing as I had none at home, I choose to use something more common in Portugal; Port Wine. Dessert goes hand in hand with this sweet wine, and with no white wine either, I swapped in Merlot. Perfectly swirled slices of bright peaches hiding a rich, yet airy filling with a kick all held together by a nutty, sweet shell. It’s no surprise this tart was gone within 2 days!This is the perfect dessert to wow any elegant affair, and impress all your fancy friends.Of course I paired my slice of tart with a scoop of Peach Cobbler Buttermilk Ice Cream!

Pistachio Tart with Peaches & Sabayon Cream

Ingredients {Makes one 9″ tart}

1 recipe – Pistachio Tart Dough {recipe below}

1 recipe – Sabayon Cream {recipe below}

3 to 4 – Ripened Peaches {peeled, pitted, and thinly sliced}



To make your tart shell, roll the dough onto a floured surface to 1/4″ thickness {this dough is on the softer side, so make sure to generously flour your area and rolling pin} With a pastry brush, dust off the excess flour and fit the dough into your tart pan. Run your rolling pin over the top, to cut off the edges. Refrigerator the dough until chilled {about 30 minutes}.

Pre-heat your oven to 375*F, line your chilled shell with parchment paper {I use coffee filters that work just the same} and fill with pie weights. Bake until the edges are just beginning to turn light golden {about 15 to 20 minutes} Remove the parchment and weights, continue to bake until the whole shell become lightly golden {about 10 to 12 minutes} Transfer to a wire rack, cool completely.

To assemble the tart, make sure your tart shell is completely cooled and removed from the pan. Spread an even layer of the sabayon cream to about 1/8″ from the rim of the tart. Starting on the outside of the tart, begin circling your slices of peaches, so they overlap each other half way. Continue circling the tart until you reach the center, using thin slices curl them to look like a rose. Lightly brush honey on the slices of peaches {this prevents the fruit from drying out and also adds a beautiful shine} Store, covered, in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. 

Pistachio Tart Dough

Ingredients {Makes Single Tart Crust

1 1/2 sticks – Unsalted Butter {room temperature}

1/2 cup – Confectioner’s Sugar

2 large – Egg Yolks

1 1/4 cups – Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 cup – Unsalted Shelled Pistachios {finely ground}

1/4 teaspoon – Salt

2 teaspoons – Heavy Cream


In the bowl of an electric mixer with a paddle attachment, beat the butter and sugar on low speed until combined {about 2 minutes} Add the yolks, mixing until incorporated scraping the sides of the bowl as needed {about 1 minute} Add 1 cup of the flour on low until just stirred in {about 3o seconds} Add the remaining flour, pistachios, salt and cream mixing until the flour is no longer visible {about 1 minute – you can finish mixing the dough with a spatula if you prefer} Turn the dough onto plastic, forming a flattened disk and wrap tightly. Refrigerator for an hour or overnight.

Sabayon Cream

Ingredients {Recipe adapted from Lemon Fire Brigade}

4 large – Egg Yolks

1/4 cup – Granulated Sugar

5 tablespoons –  Port Wine

3 tablespoons –  Red Wine

1/2 cup – Heavy Cream


In a large heatproof bowl, whisk the egg yolks and sugar together until the color lightens and thickens {the whisk should leave a trail when you mix the base} Set the bowl over a pot with simmering water, making sure the bottom of the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Constantly whisk the mixture while slowly adding in the wines {make sure you’re always mixing, so it doesn’t curdle} In the meantime, prepare an ice bath. Continue whisking your base until it has thickened and become paler in color. {the base should be double/triple in volume} Remove from stove and place over the ice bath, whisking until the mixture has cooled.

In another mixing bowl, whisk the cream until soft peaks form {peaks should be medium to stiff} Gently fold the whipped cream into the cooled sabayon mixture until mixed completely. Transfer the cream into a airtight container, chilling for at least an hour before filling your tart shell. {Sabayon is just as delicious served on its own}

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