Bedroom Inspiration {Blending Accents}

I’ve recently shared that I will be moving to Arizona at the end of October and can’t wait to decorate my bedroom! No room is complete without the right touches that pull the look together. I’m relying on accent furniture and accessories to bring in the right amount of color and “romantic-beachy-ecleticism” feel. {Yes, I know it’s not a word, but it’s what I’m going to refer it as from now on}

One of my favorite accessories in my room, is my Buddha head. I love Moroccan decor, and instantly fell in love with this side table, not only because of the exquisite detail but the rich terra-cotta color would pop against neutrals. I’m also loving metallic furniture, especially these threshold wire and fluted brass accent tables. {I could also picture them in my bathroom}

With the cost of moving, my budget is pretty limited, so when I stumbled upon this genius idea of painting a trash can, I became excited!! Who would’ve thought you can create a luxurious and colorful side table for absolutely nothing. My yellow lamp shade will be the perfect touch!

Yet, I can’t keep myself from dreaming of this beautiful mirrored table! A piece like this is definitely a worthy investment. {Maybe a mirrored desk or drawer chest?}

I’ll be bringing my rattan round stool to incorporate a relaxed beach style. This is the most functional piece I own; holding clothes I’m to tired to put away, the occasional mediation and where I pile on my pillows before bed. You can never have enough throw pillows. These shagreen patterned ones will freshen up any room, I’ve got my eye on the golden and turquoise colors.

My favorite thing about my room right now is that it’s the first room the sun shines on in the morning. I love waking up to a sunny day. These delicate lace curtains will be perfectly airy, layered with these solid curtains, which softly defuse the early morning sun. Using vintage necklaces to tie the curtains back will add that romantic touch.

An easy way to incorporate eclectic pieces, is to paint a lantern silver and placing it on a vintage tray with candles and fresh flowers. Adds just the right touch of romanticism too.

Okay, I’ll admit I’m not a fan of monograms in the least bit, but when I saw this monogrammed wall art I knew I it would be the first painting I would do in my new home. I feel it’s the perfect personal touch after moving across the country.

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