Friday Favorites

What a week it’s been so far! I can’t believe it’s Friday already, not to mention the last day of August!! This summer has flown by in a blink of an eye, I’m guessing it’s because I’ve just been enjoying it to the fullest, which is how it should be. My Labor Day weekend started early with meeting up with best friends  and celebrating her actual 25th birthday {When you become a quarter century old, I guess it’s acceptable to have more than one celebration} BUT I couldn’t be more excited for today because I’ll be seeing one of my favorite singers, Jason Mraz!!! This will be my second time seeing this amazing acoustic artist. I can proudly say I’ve loved him since his Curbside Prophet days playing small shows  in New York City and now to large outdoor arenas. I couldn’t ask for better weather today either, to spend with the girls and great music! The rest of the holiday weekend consists of relaxing on the beach and yet another concert! It’s the last weekend of summer, how will you be spending it?

I’ll leave you with a few things that remind me of the last carefree days of summer…

Oh, how I’d love to wine and dine at an enchanting end of summer garden party {on the beach}….

I’ve become very fond of accessorizing with rings lately, especially ones with big stones. Dainty jewelry is my favorite and just loved this Eddera sleeping beauty peridot ring. The stone’s coloring is just so beautiful against the gold, the perfect little accessory to transition into fall.

About a month ago, I visited a podiatric doctor because I’ve been getting sharp pains in the soles of my feet when I run. The verdict: weak ankles, I need new running sneakers and years of wearing flat and flimsy sandals. So thanks to my insurance I’ll be getting custom-made orthopedic insoles for my shoes, but I’ve also become more aware of the shoes I wear and doing stretches. I got really worried because I thought I wouldn’t be able to run anymore, but like my doctor said “It’s better to take care of these issues now, because when you get older it would only cause other problems.” Coincidentally I found this  resistance training routine for runners. I’ve been doing it every other day, and I can feel it stretching all the right areas. I can’t wait to start running next week with my new sneakers!

Big cities often get neglected for their beauty with skyscrapers hovering over the sky and cars whizzing by. Guerilla gardening has been popping up around the world adding a bit of life into overlooked corners of streets. The Pothole gardener has been creating miniature gardens through London in hopes of putting a smile of people’s faces. What an amazing idea! See his work in this video.

Of course I love all things that remind of the French countryside. Neest boutique offers simple and rustic home accessories like these traditional wire baskets. They’re the perfect container for kitchen towels, freshly baked bread or adding a touch of European homeyness to any kitchen.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend under the sun!

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