The End of Summer

Happy Labor Day! Actually there’s nothing happy about my least favorite holiday because it marks the official end of summer. Summer is more than beach days and barbecues, it’s the carefree spirit that sets it apart from the other seasons. Lazy days, fresh fruits and vegetables and spontaneous trips will now slowly disappear to daily routines, deadlines, and baked comforting delights. New season, new clothes…seems likes a fitting time for some rejuvenation. I can excitedly say I’ll have my fresh start when I move to Arizona at the end of October, so I’m going to make the most of the remaining warm weather days and my summer until then {and my trip to Portugal at the end of this month!!}

My weekend started on Wednesday visiting my best friend in White Plains, then headed to New York City where I saw the new Freedom towers for the first time in person. It honestly was the most beautiful day and night all summer! One of the funnest places I went to was the Cowgirl Seahorse restaurant near the South Street Seaport. An eclectic mixture of nautical, western and vintage looks, plus the staff were all fun!

I’d have to say the best day of this week was seeing Jason Mraz. He is beyond amazing live, and even better the second time around! When he sings his beautiful love filled songs you can tell he’s beyond passionate. For sometime now I’ve wanted to learn how to play the ukulele and seeing Jason filled that desire in me again.

Labor day weekend can’t be complete without a perfect beach day, that ended with a delicious seared Ahi Tuna salad at McLoone’s Pier House. I could’ve used this day after attending the Electric Zoo music festival yesterday. My legs are so sore from dancing all night long, that I can’t do much but enjoy this gloomy holiday laying down watching movies, but it was worth it!

It’s been a crazy fun summer filled with endless memories and many new experiences I will forever cherish. From now on I’m going to treat all my days in the same carefree way of this great season!

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