Longing for the Sun

“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Make you want to move your dancing feet.”

I woke up feeling very nostalgic this morning, of one of the best places I’ve ever traveled to…Jamaica. I refuse to accept that Summer is over because well it’s not, even if Mother Nature has decided to grace us with torrential rain fall and hide the sun. I’m not me when the sun isn’t out, I’m lazy, not motivated and feel completely lost in the day, as if there is a fogginess preventing me from thinking straight. Bob Marley sung in my head as I rose, and all the wonderful memories I experienced earlier this summer came rushing back to me.




















I miss waking up, walking onto the balcony overlooking the untouched sands stretching to the sunrise, and devouring a breakfast full of native fruits before embarking on our daily adventures. I still can’t put into words the feeling that came over me zip-lining through the rain forest or visiting the beautiful children in local schools. The moment that touched my heart was visiting Bob Marley’s home and mausoleum, sitting on the very rock he meditated years ago.

Yes, I’m a fan of his music, but he was a legend singing with passion of what he wanted the world to be. “One Love” for all is what he stood for, and that’s something I believe in as well. The people of Jamaica lead a hard life, just like the millions all over the world, but they don’t let it get to them. Whatever they’re facing they always see the positive and know that “everything will be okay.” Plus they make sure that you see everything their beautiful country has to offer and enjoy every moment of your life.















































Of all the things I miss the most, it’s the sun. Forgetting the world around me for moments, watching the sun set beyond the eye could see. Before I went to Jamaica I was at a very frustrated, confusing, and unhappy point in my life scared of what lied ahead for me as a 23 year-old woman. In Jamaica I was the happiest, most relaxed and carefree I felt in a long time. The sunset made me feel alive, it gave me time to think and change my outlook on life and how I was going to create the life I wanted once I returned home.

I haven’t felt like myself in a few days because the sun hasn’t been out to guide me. Seeing these photographs and remembering how my soul grew there, gives me hope and motivates me once more. A photograph is a powerful thing, it evokes emotions and memories that are so dear to our lives. I’ve veered off the path towards my passions but not any more, thanks to the sun of Jamaica…


“Do what you love, follow your heart’s direction, and the path to fulfillment in life will naturally unfold before you.”

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