Friday Favorites

Okay I admit it, I’m in denial!! Denial that summer really is gone, that everyone is back at school and we’re all indulging in our pumpkin spice lattes and getting our kitchens ready for endless apple recipes. The scary reality is that this magical warm sunny season means that there are only a few short months before the entire year is over! No, I’m not freaking out because I haven’t done anything I wanted to this year, on the contrary..I can happily say I accomplished all my summer goals and am well on my way to saying I did all I wanted this year {but now we’re just getting way too ahead ourselves} Back to one of the best summers I’ve had…a life changing trip to Jamaica, the best birthday yet!!, becoming more in tune with nature,  new places and experiences, cherished memories with old and new friends, adventures in Lake George, endless amounts of homemade ice cream, summer concerts, regaining my passion for baking…but above all this summer I’ve changed. I’m more happy, confident, and passionate if that’s even possible. I have a completely different outlook on my life and how life in general should be. You can say I’ve become more of a free-spirit but I’ve learned that the whole purpose of life is to enjoy, and when you’re not enjoying it for what it’s worth, then you’re missing your purpose.

So I’m asking you…have you accomplished all your summer goals? What are you planning to do when fall and winter comes around?

The second I put on these Nike Lunarglide+4 OGs I knew this was “my” running sneaker. They were super light and provide extra stability with a floating heel-support clip, preventing your foot from rolling. With my recent foot strains I’m hoping I can get back into running seriously again, plus I couldn’t help but love the neon yellow and green!

 I couldn’t help myself Fall brings around my favorite flavors, including my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte cravings. I can’t wait to come up with delicious and comforting recipes!

It took me about a month but I finally picked up my copy of cupcakes and cashmere. I couldn’t help myself from going through the entire book before buying it. Emily is so creative and definitely inspired me to start this blog. Love her!

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? I couldn’t help myself from nabbing this fitted denim button-down and graphic tee with a blue mesh back. It’s the perfect saying for a dreamer like myself…it was meant for me!

The perfect end of the week treat to myself was a water lily and aloe scented soy candle.

I’ll leave you with a few images that make me love summer so much!


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