Wedding Inspiration {Dripping in Crystals}

This past weekend I had the privilege to assist Bloomflora, {flowers and home} with the setup of this grand wedding at the Primavera Regency in Stirling, New Jersey. From the beginning the bride knew she wanted something different, to make a statement and wow her guests. The main color for her wedding was violet-purple with a mixture of darker lavender and white. {These are actually one of the most popular color schemes for weddings at the moment, because they pair up nicely with other colors} She knew she wanted rhinestones and crystals to drip from the gothic inspired candelabras. The feathers and glitter that shimmered from the flowers transformed this grand ballroom into a royal Mardi Gras-esk environment. Endless amounts of candles flickered throughout the night as the bride and groom enjoyed their special day. The bride and groom couldn’t have been more happy with how their vision came to life!

The personal flowers all packaged up

The bride’s bouquet

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