Friday Favorites

Another week, another weekend. Sometimes I do feel like I’m just swinging above the clouds watching time swiftly drift away. It’s true when they say the older you get the faster it seems to go by. Maybe I notice it more because my trip to Portugal is fast approaching, which means I’ve only got a few short weeks to enjoy everything I can on the east coast. Oh as is life, we’re always worrying about the future and overlook the moments we are in right now. Well, this weekend is going to be filled with some new experiences for me! Later today I’ll be meeting Emily Schuman of cupcakes and cashmere at her book signing in New York City!!! Meeting her might possibly be the highlight of my summer!!! A few friends so happen to be in the city the same night which will only lead to a night filled of laughing and reminiscing about great memories. I’ll end my weekend in Boston where I’ll be watching the Patriots kick some major football butt!!! Just because everyone is back from  vacation, in school and glued to their work desks, doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the weekend to the fullest!

A few images from my gorgeous day in Hoboken…It was surreal looking out onto the skyline the same way I’ve done all my life and not see the Twin Towers which had fallen 11 years ago….

Even though I wear contacts on a regular basis {I’ve worn glasses since I was 4, so you see why I never wear glasses} I thought it was time to get myself a stylish and sophisticated pair  like these.  I can definitively see myself wearing my eyeglasses a lot more now. 

Quick stop to take a shot of the trail during my 4 mile run through the woods. It felt more like an obstacle course than a run, but I loved the challenge!

I’ve been getting a kick out of celebrating food holidays, so to celebrate National Eat a Hoagie Day I decided to make my own gourmet version of it. Technically I can’t really ever eat a hoagie even with deli’s on every corner, because well they’re not very vegetarian friendly. Warm portuguese rolls were screaming at my nose and I had to concoct something! So I drizzled a little balsamic on each side of half a roll, placed a lemon grilled piece a salmon with a slice smoked gouda, a handful of fresh basil and arugula, a thick slice of tomato and pressed it all together…It hit every delicious spot in my stomach!!

My curved striped manicure a la Patriots colors for the game! I used Yoga-ta Get This Blue, Break a Leg-Warmer, and Alpine Snow by OPI

When the season changes the first thing I do is clean my closet out. I don’t know what it is but I always feel the need to purge and donate stuff every couple of months. People have always said I had stylish clothing but I’ve been noticing that my eye automatically draws to unique pieces. The problem with that is my wardrobe is seriously lacking in wardrobe basics. Let’s just say I went on a mini shopping spree {I’m going to Portugal in 2 weeks so that’s the excuse I’m going with} and got myself this Forever 21 lace dress, peplum top, and malachite green necklace, Levi’s relaxed boyfriend jeans, Rachel Roy white jeans, H&M shirt dress, sweater dress, and military jacket, and a pair of Jessica Simpson sandals. The best part is I got every piece of clothing for a reduced price!!! {A series on different ways to wear your basics is soon to come!}

Style Me Pretty has finally done it! If you find yourself ohhing and ahhing over all the beautiful love affairs featured on this inspirational blog then you’ll need to get their book, available on pre-sale here. I CANNOT wait to add this to my collection, as an event planner this will become my bible!

After this weekend I might indulge myself in some at-home relaxation, yes quite possibly a rose bath.

Happy Weekend!

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