Traveling to…New York City and New England

What an amazing weekend full of first time experiences! My weekend started on a high note with the chance to meet Emily Schuman of cupcakes and cashmere at her book tour at Bloomingdales in New York City. She is probably my all time inspiration to start my blog! She is even more pretty, nice and humble in person. We chatted about how she inspires me and everyone else to make life beautiful and simple, her book tour, and she even complimented my bangs!!! Yes, I’m still floating in blogger’s heaven!!!

Waiting in line….got the opportunity to chat with Estee Lauder marketing directors.

I love how their containers are so pretty.

Getting closer, there’s Emily!

It was such a great experience and opportunity to meet her. I’m even more inspired by her now!

I still can’t decide if I’ll miss New York City or not. I never was much of a fan having grown up my entire life nearby, but I think a part of me might actually realize it once I’m no longer on the east coast to experience Fall and Christmas…Well, regardless the city will always be here and I can always come back for visits. I had to share a picture of this ladder in my friend’s library, it was from the early 1900’s!!

My weekend then brought me up north to New England, slightly bittersweet having lived four years of my life there while in college. Memories of friends came rushing back, but made me feel happy that I was able to experience many great moments in life here. Tailgating at a Patriots football game is a serious matter. Families and friends make a day of barbecuing and throwing footballs around before, and even after the game. Yesterday was just the perfect weather to spend the entire Sunday doing just that, if we lived in New England this would definitely be a weekly tradition for our family. It’s great to see how a sport can bring so many people together! Plus, you can just imagine how excited we were to see the Patriots logo on just about everything. Of course being die hard fans that we were, you know we HAD to go to the Patriots museum and do some serious shopping at the Pro Shop. We’re just two Jersey girls who drove 6 hours to watch their football team play!

I know I’m a day behind posting the second week of my running training program, but no worries, it will go up a little later today!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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