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I was bit by the traveling bug at birth, having been to Portugal almost 20 times, and from Jamaica to Lake George, endless New York City tripes, and a weekend back to my alma mater of  New England all just this summer! I’ve been in Portugal for nearly 2 days and I’ve already eaten 1…uhh 10 too many succulent figs freshly picked by my grandfather. Yet, I’m not complaining the least bit, as I’m going to revel in as much of these delicacies as possible.

 Traveling is just another part of my lifestyle, so I decided I’d share tips and “words of wisdom” that I’ve picked up along the many years jet setting from country to country. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a weekend trip or a 3 month stay, it’s always a hard task deciding what to bring, how to pack and travel in the most efficient way.


First thing’s first, know what you have to pack for, the occasions/places you’ll be visiting and the weather during that time of year. Do your research, and if you know someone there…ask them!

Tip 1: Whether it be a wedding or a hiking trip, if you don’t need to bring that sparkly dress or puffy jacket…then don’t! Plan your outfits ahead, or at least get a general idea by pairing your bottoms and tops to create multiple looks with a few key pieces.

I’m an organizational freak to say the least. I make list for lists!

Tip 2: Create a list of all the things you can’t live without on a daily basis and the important things you’ll need to travel. I’ve been doing this longer than I can remember {my mom would laugh as I prepared my list a week before traveling…but I would be the one laughing every time she forgot something and I didn’t}

Here’s a list of the things that I’ve brought with me to Portugal:


  • Important Documents {I.D. and passport}
  • Wallet {Stripped down to only the necessary debit/credit cards, health insurance cards, and money – depending on where you will be traveling too depends on the amount. I’d recommend starting with $100}


  • Phone and charger
  • Camera, charger and extra memory card
  • Laptop and charger
  • Headphones
  • Batteries
Tip: If you’re traveling overseas you’ll need to get converters to plug electronics into outlets, because most countries are a different system, including all of Europe


  • Light Scarf
  • Head band {1 fashionable and 2 for working out}
  • Hair ties and pins
  • Belts {1 casual black and 1 brightly colored}
  • Sunglasses {1 aviators and 1 oversized retro pair}
  • Necklaces {1 oversized jewel in the season’s color, 1 long strand and 1 dainty gold chain}
  • Earrings {1 diamond studs, 1 gold hoops, 1 drop earrings}
  • Rings {2 dainty gold ring and 1 oversized cocktail ring}
  • Bracelets {1 set of bangles and 1 watch}
  • Purse {1 – Choose a handbag that is large enough to use as a carry-on and still fashionable that to  use during your trip too}
  • Clutches {1 casual neutral colored and 1 for a night out}


  • Heels {1 sandals/wedges and 1 nude pumps}
  • Ballet Flats {1 casual and 1 nice enough to go out to dinner on a night you don’t want to wear heels}
  • Sandals {1 pair that is casual yet nice enough to wear out}
  • Sneakers {For those of you planning on running or working out during your trip. I still can’t get enough of my new pair, they make running so much easier}
  • Flip-flops/indoor Slippers {1}
Tip: Bring a pair of thick socks with you on the plane to warm your feet during those chilly flights

Just a snippet of the shoes I’ve brought with me. Since I’ve been to Portugal I know exactly what I need and for the places I’ll be visiting too. Plus Europe always has amazing shoes, so I knew not to pack too many because I’m sure to be coming back home with some new pairs!


  • Bras {2 strapped, 1 strapless}
  • Underwear {12}
  • Camisole/Tanks {1 white and 1 nude}
  • T-shirts {5}
  • Blouses {5}
  • Button-downs {2 casual and 2 dressier}
  • Skirts {1 black maxi}
  • Shorts {1 denim}
  • Dresses {1 sweater, 1 merlot colored lace, 1 dusty yellow maxi, 1 shift, 1 LBD, 1 flowered shirt dress}
  • Blazers {1 white tuxedo style}
  • Jackets {1 black leather and 1 military jacket}
  • Sweaters {2}
  • Cardigans {2}
  • Jeans {1 relaxed BF fit, 1 emerald green and 1 white}
  • Pants {1 printed and 1 dusty rose colored}
  • Leggings/Tights {2]
  • Workout Attire {1 running jacket, 4 shirts, 2 sports bras, 2 shorts, 2 pants, socks}
  • Loungewear {Pants and Sweater…I’m so comfy in this and this}
  • Sleepwear {2 pajamas and 1 robe}

Tip 1: Stick to packing neutrals and the season’s trending colors because you’ll have more variety with your outfits and can create different looks….I do notice that stripes are looking like my pattern for the season. {Most of the clothes were bought during this mini shopping spree}

Tip 2: I’m more accustomed to traveling during the summer or warmer months, which makes it much easier for packing when you all you have to do is grab your favorite dresses, skirts, shorts and sandals. When Fall rolls around, it only means uncertainty in the weather, which is the main reason I found packing more stressful this time around. Because of this bring light jackets {like cardigans, blazers, military jackets, leather bombers…} that can easily cover up a simple dress during a windy afternoon or warm you up during casual night walks. 

Health and Beauty Essentials 

  • Make-up {Eye shadows, Mascara, Eye liners, Brushes, concealer/coverup/primer, bronzer, blush, lipstick, etc..}
  • Portable blow dryer, hair straightener and hair brushes
  • Face wipes and face cleanser
  • Razor and extra heads
  • Hair Cair {Shampoo and conditioner, hairspray, frizz tamer, heat protector, and dry shampoo}
  • Body Lotions
  • Deodorant
  • Eye Care {Glasses, Contacts and extra, contact solutions and cases}
  • Perfume {I’m sticking with sweet Vera Wang at the moment}
  • Vitamins and medications, Pain relievers, band-aids, hand sanitizer, nail file and polish {I’m loving this magnetic one}

Tip 1: Now, don’t follow my lead on getting big bottles, stick to travel size and reusable bottle you can just fill up with the products you already have at home. The only reason I can bring them is because I’m traveling for 3 weeks and staying in my own home, so I have the luxury of brining what I want..the downfall it occupies more space and weight. 

Tip 2: Pack your health and beauty essentials that you don’t need on hand, in heavy duty ziploc bags so you don’t get unexpected leaks on all your great clothes. I even go a step further and tape the tops of each bottle so they stay shut. Bring extra Ziploc bags and plastic bags for dirty laundry. 


Books, Magazines, Sketch pad, Kindle/iPad, etc…

Pack Efficiently.

Along with the Tips I mentioned above there are a few more that will make traveling easier, and lighter.

Tip 1: I never was one to roll my clothes up, but seeing friends pack so much clothes into tiny suitcases I knew I was doing something wrong. Turns out they had the right tactic of packing, because this keeps most clothes wrinkle free, creates more room and lets you see what you’ve packed. 

Tip 2: Make your plain suitcase stand out amongst the rest by adding a glittering ribbon on the handles, a luggage belt, or an adorable luggage tag like this DIY one

 I hope that this makes ease all your travels.

Have a great a week!

3 thoughts on “Traveling Essentials

  1. Packing and traveling is a skill that I didn’t learn until I started traveling A LOT for work and realized how bad I was at it. I would pack for EVERY occasion, even if the occasion was not set in stone. With every trip though, I got better and better. The key for me was to make a list and pack NO more than what is on the list.


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