Traveling to…Fatima and Luso

After days of celebrations and rest, it was time to get back to some traveling to see family and friends before my dad returned home. Every year we come to Portugal, it’s tradition we visit the famous city of Fatima, where the Virgin Mary appeared to three pastor children. She is one of the most admired religious figures in our culture, which is why this landmark brings flocks of tourists from all over the world each day. I love this rosary I bought that I’ve been wearing as a bracelet instead.

What I enjoy most is being stuck in a car and gazing out into the beautiful land that is all around. It is almost impossible to truly capture Portugal by visiting certain locations, you experience it by simply looking outside your window.

I then found myself in the city of Luso, most well-known for their bottled water. French travelers tasted the crisp water purified through the springs of mountains several kilometers away and visited wooden huts selling regional crafts and desserts. I myself picked up a Portuguese sweet bread and Pasteis de Tentugal {Flaky pieces of filo dough filled with a sweet egg yolk cream} and even filled jugs of water to bring back home.

The greatest joy in traveling is seeing beauty in the simplest things around you and embracing the history, culture, and traditions of the people you encounter.

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