Appreciating the Simple Moments

I miss looking out my window to mountains father than the eye can see, an endless horizon of deep green trees, the darkest night sky lit up with the brightest stars, indulging in the freshest foods that came from the lands generations of loved ones worked hard to preserve and simply appreciating the beauty that was all around me. Although I’m back home now, and moving to Arizona this week, I miss Portugal and having my family always with me. It was the simplest moments of my vacation that I enjoyed the most, the ones that gave me happiness and tranquility, and made me feel the wrath of freedom and being alive! No matter where you are, learn to appreciate the present life that you’re living…”Happiness isn’t being cheerful all the time; it’s being interested in things-finding out more about something, learning how to appreciate something better, incorporating something new that fits with what you already have.”

7 thoughts on “Appreciating the Simple Moments

  1. Yes. Simple moments of peace are the best. We sit on our patio often, watching hummingbirds feed, drinking coffee, and enjoying the dozens of trees shading our yard.


  2. My life has been pretty hectic lately and I’ve been taking your approach – savoring the simple moments. That tranquility definitely refreshes and recharges me.


    1. Completely agree with you Maddie, sometimes it’s the only way to get through those demanding moments in our life. I’m glad you’re finding some calmness in your busy schedule 😉


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