European Interiors {Luminous Gold & Chiseled Crystal}

From the recognizable blue and white-painted ceramic tiles, the brass and terracotta pans that withstand the flames of a wood burning stove, houses built of stone to accents of gilded gold and chiseled crystal, there’s no denying that Portuguese decor embodies the design traditions of years where kings and queens ruled the land.

It’s almost impossible to visit a house and not see a gold mirror, occasionally paired with a matching accent table. I found myself drawn to the luxurious color and intricate detail of these pieces, wishing I could being them back to accent my new room.

Beautiful crystal chandeliers that reminded me of an art deco era, and glassware that is reminiscent of Victorian ages.

Almost all homes not in cities, will have a wood burning stove. Not only do I find these just absolutely beautiful pieces, there also one of the best kitchen appliances. Just think how delicious a pizza would taste, or how fast a soup would cook. Plus they work as enclosed fire places, warming the house on those chilly winter nights.

Gold leaves and trims, dainty blue painted flower espresso cups, lightly rose-tinted and etched in dinnerware, a hand painted Chinese inspired tea-pot, and detailed plates that reminded me of distinct eras in history. These are only some of the pieces I fell in love with, which have also been with my grandma for generations.

There aren’t walk in closets in Portugal, so they use large armoires. This beautiful piece has been in my home for as long as I could remember, and one I’ve always loved.

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