Friday Favorites

I can’t believe this week is already over, it seemed like the fastest one yet. It could be that I was still adjusting after being in Portugal for three weeks or that it marked the last days of living on the East Coast before moving to Arizona tomorrow. Trips to say my “see you later” to best friends, walk through parks watching the rich colored leaves fall from the trees. It’s a surreal feeling leaving all that I’ve known, yet I’m excited, somewhat fearful but above all hopeful. In a way, my life is like the fall trees. I’m letting go of the old and turning over a new leaf in the journey of my life. I see possibility and adventure, a stepping stone in making my dreams a reality. I can’t wait for all that awaits me, and look forward to share it in this new chapter for The Dreamery.

Have a wonderful weekend!

{beautiful fall trees}

{stackable rings, accessories from Parfois and Pull & Bear, my lip color of the season YSL’s Grenat Satisfaction}

{bridge to Philadelphia}

{visited my best friend in Philadelphia and saw this statue at Pretzel Park}}

{the city of brotherly love}

{diy fall packaging for a bracelet I gave my best friend…I made a pocket envelope with red tissue paper, a plaid wire ribbon, a leaf from the garden, and gold safety pins}

{this is the perfect quote for me at this moment}

10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

    1. Thank you so much! That is honestly very nice of you, and truly made this day even better! I love them too, they definitely filled me with inspiration xx

      Have a great weekend =)


    1. Thank you, its amazing what you can do with a piece of tissue paper! And yes they have, I hope they continue to take me to many more places around the world!

      have a good weekend!


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