Mushroom Pumpkin Soup

Mushroom Pumpkin Soup
Arizona isn’t known much for its cold fronts, yet we found ourselves turning up our furnaces and shivering underneath blankets for the first time this season. I’ll have to admit that as much as I enjoy the heat, it was nice to have the weather remind me of home.

There’s a drawback to having nice weather all time, one I didn’t think would affect me this much. It happened in Kohl’s, surrounded by the holiday cheer. Shimmering gold and silver ornaments, caroling owls, trees making their way to the ceiling, and cozy blankets to keep you warm by the fireplace…then it hit me. The holiday season is here and I, of all people, didn’t even realize it!


I’ll be the first to admit, a tear reached the corner of my eye, and for the first time felt the wisp of missing home. I missed the feeling, the holiday spirit, the excitement people on the East Coast get during this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure warm weather states celebrate but I can’t say it’s to the grandeur of home.

I won’t be able to enjoy a house covered in cheer from top to bottom, not minding the three days it takes to get everything in its right place. I’ll miss driving by endless pine tree farms, Santa at every New York City corner, and twinkling lights hidden beneath mounds of fluffy white snow.

I’ll miss walking inside from the blistering cold, glasses fogging up as I make my way to the kitchen following the sweet smell of onions sautéing to sweet perfection. Growing up, this heavenly smell was a sign dinner was being made, and no matter what it was, it was going to be perfection. It’s a reminiscent smell of home and comfort and family.


Can you ever go wrong with Pumpkin Soup..I think not. It’s one of those soups I never make the same way, adding something new here, changing something there but always comforting me in the way I need.

I don’t miss the taste of meat one bit, so I don’t need to sneak in the flavor but sautéed mushrooms give this soup a whole new dimension. And what about Habanero and cilantro? After all I’m embracing my new local, while still thinking of home.

Mushroom Pumpkin SoupMushroom Pumpkin Soup

I sometimes need an added crunch in my soup and these beet chips from Sprouts Market, my new favorite place, were the perfect pairing. Lightly salted, slightly sweet, and a whole lot of satisfaction.

Mushroom Pumpkin Soup

Mushroom Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients {Makes 6 cups}

1/2 cup – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 medium – Onion {Chopped}

1 – Shallot {Finely sliced}

2 – Garlic Cloves {Finely chopped}

2 – Mushrooms{Chopped-Use your favorite kind}

24 ounces – Pumpkin puree

2 cups – Organic Vegetable Stock

2 cups – Water

Salt & Pepper {to taste}

dash – Ground Cinnamon

dash – Habanero sauce {optional}


In a large soup pot, saute the olive oil, onion and shallot over medium-high heat until the edges begin to brown, and the onions become translucent {about 3-4 minutes} Add the garlic and mushrooms and cook until golden {2-3 minutes}

Whisk in the pumpkin puree, vegetable stock, and car. Season with salt and pepper, cinnamon and Habanero. Bring to a boil, and simmer for 10 minutes {adjust the taste if you need to} Remove from heat and add the cilantro, cook for 1 minute.

6 thoughts on “Mushroom Pumpkin Soup

  1. I made pumpkin soup for the first time a couple of weeks ago and can I just say that I loved it! Although mine was made with milk instead of vegetable stock, I think I might try your version with mushrooms. A suggestion is to add cranberries on top 🙂


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