Friday Favorites

This week was the first time it hit me that the holiday season is in full swing, and I miss the spirit of the East Coast. I finally got my dresser and mattress, so I spent my free time watching CrazyStupidLove, countless times, sorting and organizing my Pinterest. You can say I went a little overboard, but I was getting inspired with holiday decor ideas, finishings for my dresser, and of course new recipes to try out. I have a few in mind for Thanksgiving lunch I’ll be celebrating with this Sunday with the girls. I also found myself at a networking event for women who own their own businesses, and had my eyes opened to the importance of supporting local vendors. In my efforts to live more sustainable, I’ve gathered a list of local Tucson vendors I will need to stop by. We already love, and frequently visit, Cafe Poca Cosa and Hotel Congress’s The Cup Cafe. Get ready for some culinary adventures ahead, our list of things to do in Tucson is growing. And on a side note, Saturday is World Prematurity Day, check out March of Dimes to find out details how you can help!

Happy Weekend!

{tailgating for the University of Arizona homecoming game with a Mojito at Wilco Wine Bar}

{pink cactus spotted on a walk with Rusko}

{GT’s organic raw kombucha…apparently it prevents you from getting sick, don’t know how I feel about the taste of it}

{starting my herb garden}

{the beginning stages of my bed side dresser}

{the beautiful Catalina Foothills}

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I find that when family comes, I am much more in the holiday spirit. My daughter and granddaughter will arrive from Maryland on Monday, and we’ll have houseful of others in and out for a week. Tiring…..but oh so wonderful.


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