The Season of Giving

The true spirit of the holiday season is giving back; to our loved ones but also to the million others around the world who don’t have a fireplace to warm up next to or an array of mouth-watering meals to choose from. Through Mashable, I learned that November 27th marks the initiative movement to get Giving Tuesday recognized. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday becoming shopping traditions, it’s time Philanthropies had a day just from themselves.

I’ve always been someone to put others before myself and own needs, and it brings me the most joy knowing that the smallest act can make a difference in another. This year I made a point to help out in causes that really touched my heart, Invisible Children and Oxfam were the two that I became the most passionate about, especially Oxfam. I remember tearing up, call me sentimental, reading how Oxfam helps to end hunger, poverty and injustice not only throughout the world, but also here in America, where there is an increasing number of families living in poor conditions. It’s a proven fact that giving a donation in someone else’s name is the most rewarding act. You are putting your good intentions out there, feeling rewarded that you are making difference and raising awareness.

By giving an Oxfam Gift, you can help a difference in a community

Another way to give back, is by gifting your loved ones with sustainable and artisanal goods from East Africa through Invisible Children, whose efforts work to bring an end to Uganda’s Lord Resistance Army’s atrocities and rehabilitate the children directly affected, as well as bring peace to these regions.

This holiday season find a cause that speaks to you, and truly moves you. “You are what you give. Be essential, be strong and be constructive” in making this world a great place for all of us to live.

2 thoughts on “The Season of Giving

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    This is a lovely site. I wonder if you can allow me to copy and use the image of GIVE. If that image is not your own property, would you please direct me to the owner? Thanks a lot and have a good day.


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