A Silver & Gold Holiday


I finally put together our Christmas centerpiece! The roommate and I have a thing for silver and gold, so we decided to make it a metallic holiday. I wanted to create something that was rustic, yet elegant and of course affordable. I instantly became inspired by the few items lying around our kitchen and leftover from past holidays. To me it’s more enjoyable using your imagination to repurpose practical items and create beautiful home decor. Plus, not having the budget the spend on lavish items, pushes your creative boundaries, which is always more fun!


You’ll Need:

PicMonkey CollageI used cleaned glass bottles and left over gourds from Thanksgiving I just couldn’t bear to throw away. Don’t worry about those annoying labels that won’t come off no matter how hard you scrub..that’s what the epsom salt is for. PicMonkey CollageI brushed one gourd with Mod Podge, covered it with Epsom Salt and allowed it to dry completely. PicMonkey CollageI used regular white paint for the rough bottles, allowing them to dry between two good coats. As you can see, I painted one of the smooth bottles and another gourd with silver craft paint. {I found that the craft paint takes longer to dry. Tip: I liked the texture from using a paint brush, but feel free to spray paint for a smoother and easier technique} Once your objects are completely dry, brush on Mod Podge and sprinkle Epsom Salt. PicMonkey CollageI spray painted one bottle and a few branches from outside our apartment, and the Epsom salt coated gourd with metallic gold. DSCN1127I brought these emerald-green and gold silk napkins that never get used back home, and it was the perfect complement. It was a nice touch having something from home decorating the house. DSCN1124I draped a strand of gold beads to add an extra touch of cheer. DSCN1131Since there’s no snow here in Tucson, I’ll just gaze into the twinkling lights and flickering candles against all our silver and gold decor…

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