Friday Favorites


What a week it has been! I got the dream job, embraced the endearing wrath of friendship, and I’ve finally felt the holiday sparkle and magic in Tucson. Things are finally falling into their place, and it couldn’t come at a more perfect time of the year. I’m not getting myself worked up over the fact that this amazing year is ending soon, but I’m living every second of it and enjoying it to the fullest. I can’t wait for the upcoming year either, as I feel like it will be filled even more amazing memories and new changes! IMG_5798

{I finally got my cookies from my fellow swappers. My roommate loved the gingerbread cookies Shawn, from The Healthy Helping, sent over and who would’ve thought these sandies by The Pancake Princess were vegan!}


{the best part about coming home}DSCN1111

{our tree has been trimmed and for the first time in my life, I’ve hung my stocking near the fireplace…let’s just say I had a moment}IMG_5810

{a favorite of mine and the girls, Cafe Poca Cosa, is our usual spot for drinks but this week we decided to have our Thursday night happy hour dinner there. With a menu that is changed daily on a chalkboard I enjoyed my favorite Frescatini made with basil alongside my Pescado a Toluca com Calamar…delicious! I couldn’t help but snag a picture of my roommate’s Plato Poca Cosa, a chef’s choice of any three menu options. Our culinary adventures has not only led us to great food, endearing friendships but great ideas for the future!}PicMonkey Collage

20121207-003235.jpg{our new little friend Dexter was the final touch on our colorful and glittering tree}20121207-003806.jpg

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, and embrace the holiday cheer…

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I’m so glad you received the cookies and that your roommates loved them! It looks like they held up well in the mail, which is a relief! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 🙂


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