4th Avenue Winter Street Fair

This past weekend not only brought me gorgeous sunshine, but it was spent with a great group of friends enjoying the best taste and craftsmanship that Tucson has to offer at the 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair. Endless white tents filled with beautiful paintings, authentic pottery made from the land, delicate glass-work and stunning jewelry we just couldn’t keep our hands off. I wanted to capture every element of the day, from the abandoned trains to the unique people all around me . My beautiful friend, Maricela, craved a fruit kabob drizzled with chocolate, which I’ll admit was absolutely tantalizing. But the delicious  “taco style” Indian Fry Bread and sweetened version drizzled with molasses and powdered sugar drew us in the next day to enjoy some Lobster-Crab Greek style stir-fry, which Katie {my roommate} devoured while watching the local dance academy perform, and we can’t forget the refreshing Pear Ciders! Me and Katie felt like two kids in a candy store, but instead sweet treats, we were embracing new people, new food, and a new culture. I think we’re fitting in quite nicely!

IMG_5864 IMG_5865IMG_5828PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey CollagePicMonkey CollageIMG_5837IMG_5839IMG_5834

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