Friday Favorites


My first week working has come and gone, but I can say I really love my job and know that this is what I’m meant to do right now. Life is funny like that, it has its own way of bringing all the things you wanted in life slowly into reality. So I’ve gotten emotional from time to time, and found myself with a childlike mindset, but I blame it all on the Christmas spirit! Don’t you feel like this season brings about the most creative ideas and inspiration like these for my new office, this for displaying cherished objects, or these for the living room? My mind is racing with excitement to spend the holidays on the chilly East Coast with my family and do the things I’ve wanted to do in the new year.


{my very own Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson rock}


{my JewelMint mystery box came in…I especially love the long vintage necklace and chunky purple bracelet}


{the first time in my life I enjoyed the smell of rain on a beautiful night sitting outside watching the tinkling lights}59954238758939397_WXqgurC1_c

{a beautiful rustic winter holiday}

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