Traveling to…Mt. Lemmon

IMG_6182This past weekend I made my first trip to the Arizona mountains and saw snow on the West Coast for the first time, and of all places…Tucson. Who would’ve thought. Brittany and I just couldn’t let a gorgeous sunny winter day go to waste. We watched as the crowds of families enjoyed their day sledding, skiing and building snowmen, as we simply felt the comfort of being in this snowy scenery. To us it was memories, and smiles of being little girls doing to same thing every winter just right outside our front door. A day traveling to new sites, with great company and my camera in hand was the perfect way to start my year.


In a matter of minutes, we overlooked Tucson and began to see the first signs of pine trees and mountains. The things that reminded of so much of home. IMG_6034 IMG_6040IMG_6070 IMG_6048

Our first sign of snow!IMG_6052 IMG_6054 IMG_6060 IMG_6062IMG_6184 IMG_6086 IMG_6098IMG_6185 IMG_6188PicMonkey Collage

Our signature drink Bloody Mary’s made with cucumber vodka at the Sawmill Run Restaurant, which I enjoyed alongside a bowl of hearty vegetable soup and grilled veggies.

What a perfect little winter escape in the mountains..who wouldn’t want that!IMG_6189IMG_6134 IMG_6190 IMG_6154IMG_6219

We felt like younger versions of ourselves playing in the snow. In the words of Brittany, “Arizona snow tastes just like home”. I guess you’re never to far if you always have something around to remind you of all the memories you left back home on the East Coast. IMG_6181 IMG_6158 IMG_6174 IMG_6178

The beauty of Arizona to me are the distinctly shaped rocks, and how everyday the mountains look so different. IMG_6191

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