Bureau Desk Makeover

IMG_6361I’ve been on the hunt for the final piece of furniture that would accommodate different uses; extra drawer space for clothes, an area to display my necklaces and fresh flowers, and a desk. Last weekend, on one of my weekly thrifting adventures I found the perfect oak bureau desk…it was the missing puzzle piece. All it needed was some freshening up and personalization. Here are the simple steps I took to paint and incorporate this desk into my bedroom. PicMonkey CollageI wiped the dresser of dirt, then used a ultra-fine sandpaper to sand the surface and painted it with three coats of matte white, and undertones of grey. PicMonkey CollageI liked the look of the aged brass finish, and chose to keep the original hardware.

IMG_6264IMG_6363I now have the room to place fresh flowers, accessories, and souvenirs. Also included; lavender vanilla candle,  writing tools, and my autographed copy of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I transformed a plain message board into a display for longer necklaces. The green and gold adds the right touch of color against the white. IMG_6364A gold-trimmed clear lucite tray is the perfect container for my sunglasses and necklaces. IMG_6367I’ve missed the sweet smell of fresh flowers in my bedroom. IMG_6385“Love Yourself”…a sweet note from my Tocca perfume
IMG_6387IMG_6353I know the desk area inside may not be as organized as I’d like, but the great part about this dresser is that I can easily close the door and no one would ever know. The only thing missing is the perfect stool to sit at my new desk and become inspired. IMG_6389I also managed to clean up my bedside table. I bought this geometric piece of art at Target when I first moved to Tucson, clueless as to how I’d style it I just knew I had to have it. I chose to keep it simple with a white Buddha head, my mother’s vintage teacup, a dried lavender bouquet from my garden, and a bookIMG_6393It’s been a slow progress getting my room together, but waiting to find the right pieces has been worth it.

6 thoughts on “Bureau Desk Makeover

  1. What a great idea! That looks so pretty! Once I get settled in my own place I’m definitely keen to start re-vamping furniture!! I love a distressed shabby chic look. xx


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