Friday Favorites

69383650481277947_w64A5Mfm_cWell this week flew by in a blink of an eye, especially with Monday being Martin Luther King Jr. day. It was gorgeous weather here in Tucson, that we had to take advantage of the beautiful days to go hunting for my thrift treasures, try on some festive hats, throw some footballs around and playing with the pups, but above all I wanted to bring nature wherever I went, even wearing a chartuese pencil skirt and emerald-green top to work (probably one of my favorite outfits!) I’m nearing the end of my cleanse, but decided to do the bonus week once again. No complaints, but raves! My body feels better and I can easily determine how my body reacts to each food I eat. I have more energy and motivation to stay active, but I once read that “to truly be heathy, you also have to feel and exercise your mind and your spirit for complete health.”  I need to start focusing more on my mind and meditation, one of my biggest goals for this year, and yet I haven’t done anything to accomplish that. So this weekend, I’m going to dedicated some time each day to learn and clear the mind.

Have a lovely weekend, and hope you do something new! PicMonkey CollageKatie having some fun trying on vintage hatsIMG_6341I have an infatuation with mirrored furniture, and this would’ve been the perfect entryway table…too bad it was way out of our budgetIMG_6343Beautiful antique chandelier that I would hanging over my dining tableIMG_6345How great is the coloring on these glassesIMG_6400Fresh flowers are the perfect final touch to my bureau deskIMG_6500Marley enjoying some football and the sunshineIMG_6414Let’s just say I had some good coaches
IMG_6428I love my little guyIMG_6434One of my favorite shirt dresses…I just had to wear it this weekend since the weather was so niceIMG_6425Fresh flowers and a new candle can do wonders for a home

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