How To {Padded Board Necklace Display}

IMG_6378It’s taken me awhile to figure out how I wanted to organize and display all my necklaces, favoring something like this or this. When I first moved into my apartment in Tucson, I went on a spray painting raid, and freshened a plain beige message board into an olive green and sparkling gold piece, that brought a pop of color to my mainly white room. It had been propped against my wall for weeks, waiting for me to hang it in my office but when I finished making over my bureau desk, I knew it would be the perfect way to showcase my jewelry. Of course, I love repurposing what I already have, but I especially love when I can combine functionality with style.  There might have been some thought behind which necklaces were paired with each other, but my desk area has quickly become one of my favorite areas in my room, other than my comfortable bed of course. Can’t wait to find the perfect little stool so that I can really start becoming inspired.

You’ll Need:
  • Padded Message Board
  • Spray Paint {Optional}
  • Hammer
  • Gold Nails
IMG_6299IMG_6301 IMG_6313IMG_6315 IMG_6321 IMG_6325 IMG_6363

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