Friday Favorites

1610cafc22593cd1ce604326e9e32c5dUmmm Hello February?? When did this happen, I feel like it was just Christmas, now a month has gone by, along with a 28 mind and body challenge {which technically ends on Super Bowl..I sense trouble}. I can’t rave about how great I feel! To the point where I’m starting to eat regular food again, and it just doesn’t taste as good as hearty vegetables and fruits transformed into dishes that are just so absolutely yummy, yet still good for you. With San Diego, just a month away I’ll have to incorporate all these delicious meals back into my regimen, this last bonus week has been a slight bust, but who cares..I’m proud of myself that I was able to commit, focus and have the discipline to do this for myself and proud of the greatness that I can to possess. It’s been a quick week, but far from boring. Work has been hectic with our Bowl for Kid’s Sake fundraiser just a month away, go here to learn more about how you can help. This weekend the Tucson Gem Show will be going on, and we can’t be more excited to meet designers from all over the world, and enjoy our days embracing art. What will you be doing this weekend, gearing up for Super bowl? Whatever you choose to do, have a happy weekend! IMG_6511Dinner at Scordato’s Pizzeria consisted of Margherita and Classic Pepperoni Pizza, which I didn’t eat, instead chose the  Gorgonzola Cheese and Grape Salad with ShrimpIMG_6515dc32a518320e8f8e840281b2ec519f58Friday means fresh flowersIMG_6647found this lovely note as I was cleaning my planner…I need to learn how to maintain a manicure longer than a day… c3f1de4d5922328f0a6e63c242b95fdbthis succulent window garden really motivated me to be serious about gardening 0286f1b6d2b72cd3ed346d7f17e04489I can’t wait to be flowing with the spring wind

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