I’m Loving… {Geo Designs}

To be honest my life almost feels as busy, yet structured and bright like these geometric designs. {Work has been so hectic, that I’ve only been able to post this now, so my apologies…we’ve all been there…} I’ve had a thing for this pattern ever since I purchased this when I first moved to Tucson, and recently saw this, perfectly envisioning it in my friend Brittany’s bedroom (which I’m excited to be decorating!!) See at first glance, my style may not be contemporary , nor do I fancy straight lines over the naturalism of loose curvy ones. Yet, I find the right touch of modernism and whimsy whenever I see these designs, especially paired with soft neutrals and peonies. I recently just found a geo-cube, very similar to this, which I can’t wait to transform into a terrarium…but my favorite element of geometric styles are the dainty pieces of jewelry, like this, that pair so well with any look.  Let’s see what I come home with this weekend after some home decor shopping!

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 8.23.23 PM {1|2|3|4|5}70f6f06c5dff536567b8aed1b0422f4cII love this mosaic style invitation. So whimsical and fun! Inspiration for a piece of art?
Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 7.52.37 PM


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