Friday Favorites

d0aed87e27f30c1fe63708d779b90671Well there’s one positive outcome of convincing myself this weekend was going to be a holiday…I worked my butt off earlier in the week to make sure the end of the week was, well lighter (to say the least). That thing is happening again, the part of being an event coordinator that I don’t like, when work carries over into my person life, preventing me from staying active or becoming inspired by beautiful images and creating the many things I’ve put on my To Do list. Regardless, this week has flown by and I can’t quite believe that we’re well into February. The true test of how you balance yourself is managing all these aspects of your life while still being able to enjoy it. Even though at one point I feel like I haven’t been doing the little things I want to do, the reality is I have been tackling the important things first. I guess that’s what matters, right? Like having a much-needed video chat session with my best friend from back home! One thing that did light a fire in me this morning, was realizing that I have one month exactly until I go to San Diego, for a mini birthday getaway for my roommate and road trip with the some of the best girls I could ever know…so the discipline and focus must come back! Me and Brittany have made a pack….until we get all the things we want done {i.e workout out, run errands, do “adult” tasks…} we won’t sit back, kick up our heels like we’re still in college. It’s our life, so if we’re not happy where certain things are heading, than we’re the only ones who have the remote to change it. You owe it to yourself to start living the life you’ve always imagined!

Hope you have a life inspiring weekend!IMG_6749Interesting looking building I spotted during one of my errands for workIMG_6708there’s nothing better after a long week of work than coming home with Apricot Ales and bright fresh flowersIMG_6886PicMonkey CollageWell I currently have an obsession with geometric designs and finding pieces that are stylish and functionalPicMonkey Collagea day at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show wouldn’t be complete without extra spicy Bloody Mary’s, a garden salad for me and turkey club for BrittanyIMG_6877painting that caught my eye at SKY BarIMG_6899watched the Super Bowl at O’Malleys and kept Brittany company while she worked…all I can say is what a game!IMG_6909after recovering from a cleanse and week-long of celebrations, I did my best to eat as clean as possible. Tea was my savior this week

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