Tasting Tucson {Yoshimatsu}

IMG_6657The new year brought upon a dining out series for The Dreamery but I’ve been messing around a title that fit just right…well until I came up with Tasting Tucson. Thought it was fitting since I’ve been getting to know Tucson a whole lot, just by eating at a new restaurant. Hands down one of my favorites, and first places I ate at was Yoshimatsu.

Yoshimatsu is the main casual dining where the customers order at the cashier, receive a tag, and servers will bring the food to your table.SushiMatsu is a full service Sushi and other Japanese Food Restaurant.Yoshimatsu’s reason is to offer food like mom made at home, that are the best for the family.  The cancer survivor owner/chef offers original healthy Japanese recipe which uses several kinds nutritious ingredients and no MSG. My favorite roll is the Caterpillar Roll and the only thing I craved during my cleanse, along with our usual bottles of hot sake for our weekly girls happy hour dinner .

IMG_6268PicMonkey Collage

Green tea, Sashimi Mori the Chef’s choice of 15 assorted sashimi w/mustard sumiso, spicy tuna roll, fried oysters, edamame with soy sauce mixed with chili sauce and ginger, and a warm bowl of miso soup.

IMG_6661 IMG_6911 IMG_6912 IMG_6665

Katie had the Chicken Niyaki Udon, which she described as fresh and simple with an underlining deep flavor. My amazing choice was the Nabeyaki Soba traditional deluxe soba noodle dish with Shrimp tempura, white fish, tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables in a cast iron pot. It was simple, yet a rich combination of flavors and textures. Layers and layers of deliciousness.

IMG_6674 IMG_6669


In the words of my dear roommate and best friend the Sweet Geisha Cat was “an euphoria of flavors that like to hang out with each other and party on the weekends” A fruit cocktail agar topped with scoops of green tea and red bean ice creams accompanied by sweet red bean paste flour dumpling was smooth, rich, chewy, squishy and downright one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten.

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