Friday Favorites

902e8fb53fc7509fdd2a9eda85c6f579I swear my weeks have been flying by and feel like somehow there’s always a celebration or holiday needing some attention. Even as busy as I have been with planning the Big Brothers Big Sisters annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake fundraiser I’ve somehow found the time to experiment with new recipes that I can’t wait to perfect, started baking once more, and became motivated by  the magic Spring brings. I have so many ideas and a good feeling that as winter fades, the new season will bring about good things. I’m counting down the days to Spring, feeling inspired and motivated to work on my new year’s goal of living a more sustainable life. I want to get my hands in the dirt, plant some vegetables, be surrounded by fresh flowers, and really take advantage of nature around of. I want to surround myself with beautiful things, and get all the projects on my “Want To Do” list finally crossed off! It will be a weekend of accomplishments! Hope it’s a beautiful one for you too!

IMG_6966my go-to chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting I made for a bake sale my co-workers help to raise money for our Bowl for Kids’ Sake Fundraiser…I can’t believe it’s in 2 weeks already!!IMG_6984fancied all these cinnamon sticks during my weekly grocery store visitIMG_6989someone enjoyed their bath timeIMG_6998found this basketball jersey and can’t wait to put together a more feminine look IMG_7003delicious Sonoran Brewing Co. White Chocolate Ale for a Mardi Gras celebration
IMG_7026IMG_7010i’ve live near and work in downtown Tucson, and have yet to walk around and appreciate its beautyIMG_7014beautiful stage on the side of St. Augustine ChurchIMG_7022juicy strawberries just dying to be dipped in rich dark chocolateIMG_7054my Valentine’s flowers are the perfect thing brightening not only the apartment but my weekend 🙂

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