Friday Favorites

857264a1c90423a8cb9169dd6c4d8656The beauty of life is that there is something new to do and see every day. Well, it’s been an interesting ride of life to say the least, a two month journey where I went to new places, like Tumamoc Hill, did new things, like go to my first Cowboy Pig Roast, made new friends, shared some laughs and smiles, but as is life this time also brought upon tears and sadness, stress and anxiety, doubt and uncertainty, had my phone stolen and felt disconnected from “me.” I’ve taken construction criticism, given advice, and leaned on true friends for support and strength to find myself again. We all get a little side tracked at times, no one is perfect and we all go through hardships. Overcoming struggles and realizing that there is a positive end no matter what the situation at hand is, makes us stronger. I finally had my “aha” moment after yoga hour, my first class in about 4 years, and realized that I was the happiest and most zen after returning from Jamaica, where I’d mediate and wake up doing yoga every morning listening to Bob Marley. Everyday was a fresh new start, there wasn’t a problem that weighed me down for too long and I didn’t allow myself to get overworked over the littlest of things. As Spring feels more like Summer here in Tucson, I’ve embraced this past week with that same mentality and enjoy this fresh rejuvenation. I feel like myself again and feel happily bliss. So whatever you may be facing with now, remember that there is sunshine at the end of the road…I’ll leave with snapshots of my life recently. Have a happy weekend!
IMG_7165 IMG_7197 IMG_7199I took my many drivesIMG_7210 IMG_7211I ate mouthwatering yummy brick oven pizza from Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, along with a crisp salad and of course our favorite Bloody Mary
IMG_7212 PicMonkey CollageIMG_7315I’ve been enjoy my lunch hour on our balcony with our little babiesIMG_7332 IMG_7338I’ve enjoyed sunny walks, watching the flowers bloom and taking in the sweet smell of orange blossomsIMG_7350 IMG_7364I can’t wait to use my new stamp kit from Besotted Brand that I won through greigedesignIMG_7876 IMG_7878 IMG_7884I found new beauty, and a new running route, just right outside my doorPicMonkey CollageI enjoyed beautiful roses on Easter morningIMG_6076I finally went to Reid Park, now I’ll have to go to the zoo

IMG_6078I watch the sunset behind the Arizona mountainsIMG_6089I’ve become more serious about gardening, and can’t wait until my sweet pea blooms

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