I’m Loving…{Anthropologie Into the Garden}

27159631_053_eIt’s been a very windy start to my week. The dusty skies have covered the bright spring sunshine, so it’s no surprise that when I checked my mailbox and found Anthropologie’s Into the Garden catalogue a light smile whisped across my face. Of course I had to share my favorite looks, oh how I want to wear skirts that flow in the wind and are as bright as the spring blooms…

8b8cdbf64e28f372a685ed952e3a6dd5I’ve always fancied dainty florals, but lately I love bold prints like this Rosemund Midi dress. The perfect dress for a dinner in the park after a long day’s work

f9d40e49fa547f0ed23bbd8126a883eaI’ve always been drawn to yellow in the summer, maybe because it reminds me of the sunshine, but this blouse would brighten any day

PicMonkey Collageshoes as pretty as daisies

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 7.58.39 PMDon’t get me wrong I’m a dress and skirt kind of girl, but I do enjoy myself a good patterned pant

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 8.34.14 PMlove how this tribal-esk pattern is still gardeny

PicMonkey CollageI’ve been wanting to transform my home into an English garden house, this dish towel and patterned love seat would be great additions. Why not bring in a touch of the sea with an inspired teapot too!

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