Friday Favorites

8b7050e4ac6c4b016e100b6d227ba803I often live my life by music, seeing situations in my life transformed into a little melody . Then again that’s the power of a song, that it can bring back so many memories and emotions. This week has been long and exhausting, too tiring to even muster up words to describe it. As much work as its been to plan, I’m looking forward to Big Celebration next week. It’s really made me appreciate the cause that I work for, plus today it gave me the opportunity for a really exciting partnership, more details to come about that in the future…But  whatever you do this weekend, make sure to enjoy it. Leave work at work, go outside, smell the grass and take advantage of the ever warming Spring sunshine. IMG_6099The only thing I can say about this breakfast at Ike’s, was that it was an enlightened experience…in more ways than oneIMG_6110Easter may be long gone, but I sure love my pastels and orange Tic Tacs
IMG_6112Cactus flower blooming in the early morning sunIMG_6120Sunday cooking is always a great way to unwind, especially when it’s with the season’s freshest veggiesIMG_6197Oh I love white garden rosesIMG_6229It feels so good to be back in the kitchen, making hearty yet healthy meals. Who said comfort food, can’t be good for you. This sweet potato, red cabbage and tofu quesadilla and radish and cucumber salad, didn’t make me feel guilty in the slightest bit. Neither did roasted lemon and basil asparagus and golden beets, topped with a baked egg..Oh I’ve been treating myself pretty wellIMG_6258PicMonkey CollageTook advantage of the walk-through I had to do at the University of Arizona to get lost and wander. Loved seeing all the bikes of students most likely looking at their clocks, waiting to get out of class. It made me miss my college days, and wish I had gone to a campus like this. I also realized that there were so many restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques that I always pass by on University, but have yet to experience. Definitely on my list of places to discover…

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