Tasting Tucson {El Charro Cafe}

IMG_7284There’s no shortage of authentic Mexican and local farm supported spots to savor a good meal in Tucson. Before moving out here, I would’ve never expected this to be such a foodie town, but am pleasantly surprised when I encounter new favorites that are casual, yet have a bit of character. Places you’d want to meet up with friends for lunch to catch up. A little over a month ago, we took a short walk from our apartment to the original El Charro Cafe. I’ve passed by this ever-so busy restaurant on my runs, and was excited when we decided to see what the Nation’s Oldest Mexican restaurant continuously operated by the same family for over 90 years, was all about. IMG_7286 I loved the bold festive colors and dangling lights, which I’m sure look pretty during the night. The authentic Mexican dolls add a quirky touch. IMG_7288 IMG_7290How every meal should start, with table side Pico de Charro and homemade tortilla chips. I could of very well just eaten this as my meal but knew I needed to save room for my first Michelada and burro experience. Being a lover of a good Bloody Mary, I enjoyed this version mixed with a refreshing Dos Equis and extra freshly squeezed lime juice.

IMG_7292 IMG_7294 I decided to go the authentic Mexican route and order a burrito. The “G” Burro!, their vegetarian burrito with grilled vegetables, green corn tamal, green chile, and creamy avocado, was over flowing with a fresh and spicy richness! I choose to make a healthier choice by ordering a Charro side salad, with crisp and tangy green tomato slices.

IMG_7296 IMG_7298Definitely am looking forward to making my second stop here!

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