Friday Favorites

960d280dd104c5c2accc3aa2a439ab94-1This week was about focusing on the good and positive of life. I decided that if you do one little thing that makes you “you” each day, like taking 10 minutes of your evening to replant a flower bed that has out grown its home, then you’ll lead a more fulfilling and happy life. It’s about understanding the we have the precious ability to decide towards our passions, as spontaneous or strategic that decision may be.  Life has its fair share of ups and downs, but then again that’s the beauty of life, that it isn’t perfect. The bottom line is to smile, look around, take a deep breath and enjoy life, because it will all be alright. IMG_6480 IMG_6507Fresh cut sunflowers brought a smile to my face every time I came home IMG_6514spent some quality time taking care of my garden, and re-potted these bright Mexican sunflowers into a bigger potIMG_6606I’ve been enjoying taking the pups on longer walks around townIMG_6610IMG_6616filling the fridge with delicious healthy soups and salads for my spring cleanse IMG_6627 IMG_6660a home completely covered in greens, like an English garden homeIMG_6635I enjoy the historic buildings and Mexican architecture of homes in the El Presidio area of Tucson IMG_6639 IMG_6641every time I pass by this garden bed I always love the colorful dainty flowers IMG_6658the puppies just loved this flower IMG_6659Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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