Tasting Tucson {Time Market}

IMG_6289As you can see The Dreamery got a little freshening up this weekend. I was in a need a change, something brighter and cleaner, something well, more Spring.The first time I came to Time Market, was with my friend, Marisela, on one of those nights you just need fresh air. We had heart opening conversations over the caramel heart wood fired pizza. A delectable combination of artichoke hearts, spinach, ricotta, caramelized onions, mozzarella and sprinkling of sea salt atop homemade thin, crisp, yet doughy crust. I’m not typically a pizza girl when I’m craving something not as healthy, but there’s something about wood fired pizzas that enhances flavors, making this a light, gourmet version of this typical junk food. IMG_6292I decided to bring my other friend, Brittany, there to enjoy some yummy food al fresco. She’s a sucker for a Margherita, and we imagined we were in the streets of Italy enjoying this light and simple treat. The basil and sauce tasted like pure freshness. IMG_6293 IMG_6298I on the other hand accidentally ordered a sandwich with meat. Yes, I know how does a vegetarian do that, well I completely overlooked the main ingredient capocollo. But that didn’t matter because my Radish and Cucumber Salad made up for any bad decision I had made. This is now by far, the favorite salad of all my friends. I mean we will purposely go out of our way to get this spicy and sweet, crunchy, fresh and bitter salad. I might even like it better than this salad I made last summer. What makes this salad so unique is the caraway seeds, but the extremely delicious radishes they use. I know, because Time Market is also a market selling local organic products, as well as gourmet ones. I picked up a bunch of radishes, and couldn’t believe how slightly sweeter they were, and how long they stayed so fresh. When you use high quality organic vegetables you instantly know the difference.  IMG_6299Nothing makes a delicious meal taste better than a chilled glass of pale ale, with oranges we picked up at the market, and the beautiful sunshine. IMG_6301IMG_6308How lovely are these shopping baskets, they would add a lot of character in a kitchen tooIMG_6310Chameleon cold brewed coffee in old fashion looking bottles
IMG_6311Time Market has a daily array of samples of their freshly baked breads
IMG_6318The countless trips we’ve made since this lunch says a lot about how much we enjoy Time Market. No matter what kind of mood we’re in, this is our go to eatery.

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