How To {Summer Grilling Centerpieces}


With the weather heating up, we now have a reason to do some outdoor entertaining. One of my favorite parts of planning Big Celebration, was that I was able to be more creative with decor and came up with this centerpiece for a barbecue themed 50th Anniversary Reunion. Hostess with the Mostess always has the best ideas for themed parties, and I just loved this fun and bright grill, the perfect background to my pictures of Big and Little matches from the past and now. I clearly love sunflowers during the Spring, but what makes this table a traditional All-Americana barbecue is the red gingham tablecloth and ribbon. As part of Makeover May I felt that this was a simple and fun centerpiece for any summer barbecue or even Memorial Day or 4th of July celebration? Well, Happy Grilling

You’ll Need:

  • Tin Buckets {I found these at this great supply store}
  • Red Gingham Ribbon {found here}
  • Green Shredded Paper {I simply shredded up green paper at work, great way to save money}
  • Artificial Flowers {I found these pretty sunflowers here}
  • Card Stock Paper {Grill template by Hostess with the Mostess found here}
  • Floral Foam {found here}
  • Weights, marbles, rocks, beans, etc..{anything that will weigh down the bottom of the bucket, so it doesn’t knock over in the wind}
  • Craft Wood Sticks {found here}
  • Red Gingham Tablecloth {found here}
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Wire Snippers
  • Hole Puncher

PicMonkey CollageUsing the wire snippers cut each flower into a single stem PicMonkey CollageFill the bottom of each tin bucket with whatever kind of weight you are using. Cut the floral foam into pieces that will fit the top of the bucket and cover with shredded green paper. Glue two craft sticks on the side of one printed and cut grill picture, then glue onto the other grill picture. Stick the grill into the foam, so that it is secure. Next, I tied a red gingham ribbon around circle cut 50th Anniversary labels. Finish off with s sunflower {Of course, I would’ve used real flowers, but when you’re on tight budget and it’s children’s fun day, centerpieces can be overlooked}IMG_6431 IMG_6433 IMG_6435

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