Take Me Away…

I’m wishing I was a kid back in school, no not stressing over finals, but that giddy girl watching the last seconds on the clock, waiting before the bell rang-marking the start of summer vacation! Growing up I didn’t spend my summers at camp, I’ve actually never been to camp, instead I’d spend three months in Portugal. Alongside my entire family on the farm, picking potatoes, surrounded by the green mountains. So you’d say I got bit with the travel bug at a young age, and has become a big passion of my mine. When the days are just too perfect to stay indoors, all I care to do is go and discover somewhere new. I may not be able to go far this season, so I’ll transport myself into these images instead. 16d1129130e01fb3f5f308308106e7e4I would love to be in Europe during these warm days, why not London

2afa804cc7c2686a7bcbd6f51bd772b8I’d like to see beautiful creatures I don’t see everyday

03795dcb0eb985a0be592d0e85948554And be surrounded by the lush green beauty of Bali

e8519333260bf9acfaefe0820c553993Watch a sunset in Zimbabwe

hydraSpend the summer sailing off the Hydra coast

d6f82bd74baa0062df5c3ce12bad6a22Drive an old cadillac through the streets of Havana

d4f42abf42d6255e5855092a52b3efaaThen enjoy the evening sipping wine and savoring macaroons in a small Parisian cafe

da01f50dba1c3b46e84054f82b6b922cAnd of course I’d sail the endless seas and relax on the most exotic of shores

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