Friday Favorites

42f5b457313260219e157d6cd2d9516bThe official start of summer isn’t for another couple of weeks, but with temperatures reaching the triple digits, Spring has long gone and the easy going mentality of hot summer days has settled in.  School is out, local businesses have posted their summer hours, and everyone rushes home to enjoy the simplicity this season brings us. Memorial Day Weekend is a big deal on the east coast; it’s the beginning of our summer, as beaches are officially opened and we can finally put away all that winter clothes we’ve been dragging along (or at least we hope). And speaking of home, my parents came to visit me for a few days and it was just what I needed! I showed them the naturalistic beauty of Arizona, wine and dined them at my favorite restaurants, and spent some much-needed quality time with the people I love and are such a part of what makes me “me”, and I miss that.  Of course goodbyes are always sad, as is the downfall of moving across the country, but I took full advantage of the time I had with them, and enjoyed ourselves a mini-vacation…A new season is upon us, so go outside, soak up the sun, fire up the grill, have a refreshing drink and enjoy this weekend with family and friends!

IMG_6810Nothing like a chilled ale on a warm evening, brought me back to days in Portugal
IMG_6826 IMG_6823When the weather is so nice  you can’t help but want to grill some summer veggies and make yummy tacos
IMG_6829IMG_6834Even though the weather may bring you outside, sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing night at home with some fresh-cut tulips, a movie, and homemade semifreddo with juicy mangoes

IMG_1464Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect sunset on my last night with the parents…so happy they came

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