Tasting Tucson {Cup Cafe}

siteprofile02dI first came to Cup Cafe in Hotel Congress my very first morning in Tucson, where I started off this new chapter in my life with a bloody mary. Not just any ordinary bloody mary, this was a complete customizable concoction with classic ingredients like lime juice to the more daring like goat cheese! This was also when I knew my new friend Brittany and I were going to be great friends, mostly because of our love of this savory cocktail. The first night my parents were here the weather was just too perfect to sit indoors, so we took a walk through downtown towards this trendy spot. A private event was going on outdoors, but with their glass windows we were still able to see  a bit of the show after our ever so tasty meal. IMG_6925Freshly baked olive bread with olive oil-basil butter was a delightful starterIMG_6926IMG_6930

A crisp Riesling was the perfect accompaniment to my grilled mushrooms, savory leek and sweet corn bread pudding, which I couldn’t stop eating,lightly sautéed spinach and cherry tomatoes topped with grilled apples and a decadent Madeira wine sauce I wish I had more of.IMG_6929I just can’t resist a pesto sauce, and snagged a few rigatoni pieces from my mother’s platePicMonkey CollageThere is no better way to end a meal than a slice of pie! I’ve never been one for cream pies, but since it was the parents’ choice I couldn’t say no to this coconut cream. Despite its size and amount of cream it was surprisingly fluffy and light, just the right amount of sweetness. The fresh coconut brought me back to tropical shores.

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